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A force-free training club based in North Tyneside

Now based at Battle Hill Multi-Use Center after 17 sucessful years in Whitley Bay

We are listed and train under the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme. This scheme starts with Puppy Foundation training with adaption to everyday experiences, through to Bronze, Silver and Gold level classes with examination and certificates.

Although these classes are from the Kennel Club, we welcome all dogs whether they’re of 1 breed, 2 or 57, no KC registration necessary.

We also host our own rolling ‘Platinum Class’ designed by Hillheads Trainers past and present.

Our puppy classes are hosted indoors, our adult classes take place in a secure outdoor area with both grass and tarmac



  • Boss
  • Puppy Foundation

  • Responsibility and care

    Response to name

    Basic cues and commands



    Walking on lead

  • Boss
  • Bronze Award

  • Positions and cues

    Walking on a lead


    Focus and control

    1 minute stay (on lead)

    Responsibility and care

  • Boss
  • Silver Award

  • 2 minute stay (with distance)

    Working with distractions

    Vehicle control

    Controlled greetings

    Return to handler

    Responsibility and care

  • Boss
  • Gold Award

  • Off lead work

    2 minute down stay

    Relaxed settle

    Send to bed

    Stop at distance

    Responsibility and care

  • Boss
  • Platinum

  • Ongoing class for dogs that have passed Gold

    Designed by the Hillheads Dog Club Team

    Class includes aspects of

    rally, competitive cbedience

    and other disciplines

    all at fun, pet level

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Due to social distancing advise, please do not attend in person, unless registered to attend a class

Battle Hill Multi-Use Centre,
North Bray Close,
NE28 9RJ


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